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Payment Policy

Account Funding Procedures
All transactions between FXcast's customers and FXcast are stored on secured servers. You are able to trace each activity inside your membership area, payments, withdrawals, accounts, personal data and much more. FXcast guarantees total transparency to avoid unnecessary discussions and misunderstandings which would damage the faithful partnership between FXcast's customers and FXcast. Especially all deposits must be initiated from your membership area - FXcast compares these bookings to incoming funds and is insofar able to book the deposit to the correct account. Especially for bank transfers this is necessary - always avoid differences between your website deposit and what you transfer from your bank afterwards. For each bank deposit a new wire document is generated with the exact data you need for transfer. The bank wire process is explained here. Never use old documents for a new transfer!

FXcast allows you to make deposits to your account in any amount you choose. Starting with 10 USD there is no upper limit. Deposits over 100,000USD must be attended by a valid bank statement/certificate to avoid problems with Anti Money Laundering Law. Third party transfers are not accepted. Only customers with full membership - this means all documents are correct and verified - are able to use bank wire and Credit/Debit Cards.

Important information for E-Currency Payments!
Please be advised that FXcast is not responsible in any kind for the stability and reliability of any E-Currency provider. FXcast offers these options but cannot be made responsible for any problem the E-Currency company may get into during your payment is hold on our accounts.

FXcast makes the following announcement: All funds sent by any E-Currency are hold on segregated E-Currency accounts. If in any case any E-Currency would announce bankruptcy or any other severe problem FXcast will not take any responsibility concerning these funds and will declare to this E-Currency provider all user's details and their closing balance, customer should then deal with the respective E-Currency provider directly to obtain their funds from them.

If such a situation occurs all open positions in your trading account will be closed automatically and outstanding funds would be withdrawn from those accounts.

Credit Card Refund Policy
In case that FXcast receives any sign of a fraudulent action by any customer regarding faked Passports and utility bills and therefore abusing our system for a credit card fraud we take the right to refuse any payment from this customer. We will refund the credit card deposit and close the customer account without any further notice and take legal actions through the regarding authorities against this customer.

Funds Withdrawal Procedures
You can withdraw a portion or all of funds remaining on your account at any time. Depending on the type of withdrawal, you might be charged a withdrawal fee. Please consult our price list for more details. If you choose to withdraw funds from your account you need to logon to the Member Area at where you can request funds withdrawal. You need to select a withdrawal method and specify necessary information regarding the withdrawal transaction. As soon as FXcast verifies the data specified a withdrawal transaction will be initiated. Third party transfers are not accepted.

The money will be returned to the same account and by the same way as we have received it: If you have deposited your funds by Liberty Reserve we will return your money by Liberty Reserve to the same account as it came from; if you have deposited by wire transfer - we will return you money by wire transfer to the same bank and to the same account as it came from. Any withdrawal to a different account than your deposit has come from will be handled as money laundering and leads to account closing.

Bonus Payment Policy
(applied for any bonus is granted)
Please read our Bonus website:

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